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:    front matter    pp. -12 - -5
prose:    Metempsychosis Epistle ["Others at the Porches and entries"]    pp. -4 - -1
Metem:    Metempsychosis ["I sing the progress of a deathless soul"]    pp. 1 - 27
Cor1:    La Corona ["Deign at my hands"]    p. 28
Cor2:    Annunciation ["Salvation to all that will is nigh"]    pp. 28 - 29
Cor3:    Nativity ["Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb"]    p. 29
Cor4:    Temple ["With his kind mother who partakes thy woe"]    p. 30
Cor5:    Crucifying ["By miracles exceeding power of man"]    pp. 30 - 31
Cor6:    Resurrection ["Moist with one drop of thy blood"]    p. 31
Cor7:    Ascension ["Salute the last and everlasting day"]    pp. 31 - 32
HSDue:    "As due by many titles"    p. 32
HSBlack:    "O my black soul"    p. 33
HSScene:    "This is my play's last scene"    pp. 33 - 34
HSRound:    "At the round earth's imagined corners"    p. 34
HSMin:    "If poisonous minerals"    p. 35
HSDeath:    "Death be not proud"    pp. 35 - 36
HSSpit:    "Spit in my face"    p. 36
HSWhy:    "Why are we by all creatures"    p. 37
HSWhat:    "What if this present"    pp. 37 - 38
HSBatter:    "Batter my heart"    p. 38
HSWilt:    "Wilt thou love God"    p. 39
HSPart:    "Father part of his double interest"    pp. 39 - 40
Hero:    Hero and Leander ["Both robbed of air"]    p. 40
Pyr:    Pyramus and Thisbe ["Two by themselves each other"]    p. 40
Niobe:    Niobe ["By children's birth and death"]    p. 40
Ship:    A Burnt Ship ["Out of a fired ship"]    p. 41
Wall:    Fall of a Wall ["Under an undermined and shot-bruised wall"]    p. 41
Beggar:    A Lame Beggar ["I am unable, yonder beggar cries"]    p. 41
SelfAc:    A Self Accuser ["Your mistress, that you follow whores"]    p. 41
Licent:    A Licentious Person ["Thy sins and hairs"]    p. 42
Antiq:    Antiquary ["If in his study"]    p. 42
Disinher:    Disinherited ["Thy father all from thee"]    p. 42
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