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-i = inner, -o = outer.
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Missing Titles
Press Variants
Prim50[E-i]069.00G.024With this mysterious number be content*
ElJeal65[F-o]011.00G.024Nor kiss and play in his house as before.*
[CW: Now]
ElBrac82[G-i]008.00G.059Or let me creep to some dread Conjurer,*
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.024Which bring friends one dayes way, and leave them then;*
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.026Asunder* meet against a third to warre,
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.027The South and Westwinds* joyn'd, and, as they blew,
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.037But when I wak'd, I saw, that I saw not.*
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.042Could none by this* right name, but thunder call:
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.044Then* if the Sun had drunk the sea before.
Storm145[L-o]109.00G.046Griev'd that they are not dead, and yet must die:*
Calm148[L-o]110.00G.048A scourge,* 'gainst which we all forgot* to pray.
HWKiss149[L-o]112.00G.034Falshood is denizond.* Virtue is barbarous,
HWKiss149[L-o]112.00G.048Inn* any where; continuance maketh hell.
[CW: And]
HG152[L-o]130.00G.048Yon* came with me to Micham, and are here.
RWThird153[L-o]113.00G.014May cloath them weth* faith, and dear honesty,
RWThird153[L-o]113.00G.017Wise, valiant, sober, just,* are names, which none
RWThird153[L-o]113.00G.018Want, which want not Vice-couering* discretion.
RWThird153[L-o]113.00G.023Blowing our spark of vertue)* may out-burn
BedfRef156[L-o]137.00G.005Two ils can ne'r perplex us, sin t'excuse,*
BedfRef156[L-o]137.00G.009Makes her not see, or not show:* all my rime
BedfRef157[L-o]137.00G.011For, as dark texts need notes some: there* must be
BedfWrit160[L-o]138.00G.001T'have written then* when you writ, seem'd to me
BedfWrit160[L-o]138.00G.004Than worst of civil vices, thankelsness.*
BedfWrit160[L-o]138.00G.007But 'tis not so. Nothing as I am, may*
EdHerb160[L-o]140.00G.033Since then our business is* to rectifie
EdHerb160[L-o]140.00G.038All; All his faith can swallow,'or* reason chaw,
FirAn203[O-i]155.00G.026Thou might'st have better spar'd the Sun,* or man.
FirAn208[O-o]155.00G.189Thy better growth grows withered,* and scant;
SecAn226[Q-i]157.00G.114They re-invest thee in white innocence*
Mark252[R-o]149.00G.034For, graves our Trophies are, and both death's dust.*